I want to read

for you the books

of the invisibles

the lyrical storytellers

with no pens or paper

neither MacBooks

nor androids

They are the

trumpets of the streets

hustling and bustling

like the midnight skies

building wealth

one stone at a time

They are the cooks,

chauffeurs, vendors,

beggars, sex workers,

women many

merchants at dawn,

custodians of hope

when you leave

don’t steal their voice

or their stories

But run with gratitude

because humanity

found its home

promise me to do one

good thing only

speak well

of their choices

and pass on that torch

~ Custodians of Hope




Dear beautiful soul,

You’ve won, you’ve lost, you’ve endured

Now is the time of your rejoicing

You began, you endured, and you ended

You lived, now is the time for rejoicing.

Now go forth and conquer and lose.

If you fail, rise up, if you conquer; be humbled.

You will fail and win; but be grateful.

Pray to God, weep for losses and rejoice in victory.

Rise, my friend, rise. The time needs you bold and strong.

Rise at the break of dawn, rise from the depths of despair.

Rise to living and vitality. Don’t die before your own death.

In war and in peace, let your spirit and humanity prevail.

You are living



Ivan Okello

Ivan Okello

A Ugandan immigrant living in NB, Canada. Passionate about building inclusive culture and community among diverse people. I run a bi-weekly men's group .